Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2 is a luxury center located on GT Road Lahore which is an ideal location in Lahore. Lahore Development Authority LDA has certified Al-Rehman Developers & Bismillah Developers. The housing company mentioned is the project of developers Al-Rehman & Bismillah. Bismillah Housing is a big name in the real estate industry. Bismillah Housing Scheme is a secure gated community offering every conceivable amenity at affordable rates. Like the Al-Rehman Gardens, the Bismillah Housing Society is another successful project from the same construction company.


Bismillah Housing Program Installment Plan 2022

Many luxuries facilitated exist in the Bismillah housing program by the owners and developers of the Bismillah housing program. The design and development phase of the Bismillah housing project is the true work of art done by expert engineers and developers. In this article, we will explain all the details of the Bismillah housing program, such as payment plans, facilities, installment plans, plot sizes, and other pros and cons. It is important to know the Bismillah housing program payment plans for buyers as investors or residents. Below we present the complete plans of the Bismillah housing program.

Bismillah Housing Program Phase 2 Installment Plan 2022

The main appeal of Bismillah’s housing program is its affordable installment plans. The Bismillah Housing Scheme authority releases the land to the buyers with a 40% deposit. For more details on reserving plots, you can check the official Bismillah housing program website.

Bismillah Housing Program Payment Price Details

Following the huge popularity of Bismillah Phase 1, Bismillah developers will launch a new venture called “Bismillah Housing Society Phase 2”. It is a luxurious lifestyle that includes all the modern conveniences that everyone wants. It is an affordable neighborhood in terms of cost and family life. In case of future investments, this is the ideal option to earn money.

Bismillah Housing Project Phase 2 Lahore

The project is supported by LDA (Lahore Development Authority). This makes the residential corporation legal. Investors will not face any problem or question about the legality of this company. It is located on the main Ferozpur road next to the Mustafabad interchange. It is ideal because it is close to the offices of schools, colleges as well as hospitals, shopping centers, parks, fields and the best public transport routes.

Bismillah Housing Scheme Lahore Payment Plan and Land For Sale

The program was designed to encompass 1790 acres of Kanal land. In the present, in keeping with the high demands of respect, integrity and trust shown by the public, the new project will precede a similar parcel of land which will be used for future expansions. The most important success factor is our thriving corporate culture, which encourages innovation and promotes modernization.


Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2 plots for sale

Our customer-centric approach is based on creative solutions, high-quality development and a constant search for new ways to provide our customers with the best service and respect that fuels our enthusiasm and drive to achieve top performance. Currently, Bismillah Housing Society Phase 2 offers residential plots of 3, 5, 8, 10 and 10 Marla as well as commercial plots of 2.4 Marla in the 6 month installment plan.

3 Marla (residential) 19 lakes to 26 lakes
5 Marla (residential) 24 lakes to 29 lakes
7 Marla (residential) 28 lakes to 38 lakes
8 Marla (residential) 33 lakes to 49 lakes
10 Marla (residential) 38 lakes to 53 lakes
1 Channel (Commercial) 70 lakes at 1.1 crore
3 Marla (Commercial) 73 lakes at 1.54 crore
4 Marla (Commercial) 79 lakes at 1.86 crores

Bismillah Housing Scheme offers 3 to 10 Marlas commercial and residential plots at easy payment plans. If you are planning to invest and buy residential land in the prime location of Lahore, Bismillah housing scheme is the best option for you.

Bismillah Housing Project Phase 2 Location

Bismillah Housing Scheme Phase 2 is located at Lilyani, Lahore – Kasur Rd, Lahore, Kasur and Punjab 55110. It is easily accessible by prominent landmarks. Bismillah housing project is almost near Ferozpur Road Lahore and opposite Rampura Lahore. There Road, Lahore, Lahore Ring Road, L-20, Canal Road Lahore, Manhala Road Lahore and Jallo Road Lahore are almost 4-13 minutes drive from Bismillah housing scheme.

Bismillah housing scheme block names

The Bismillah housing project is a large and vast project divided into 13 blocks whose names are given below.

  1. Ali block
  2. Block Haider
  3. Jinnah Block
  4. Iqbal block
  5. Block Walid
  6. Bilal Block
  7. Qadeer block
  8. Block Abu Bakar
  9. Hassan Block
  10. Block Huraira
  11. A block
  12. Block B
  13. Block C

Bismillah Housing Scheme Facilities and Amenities

We have already explained some of the facilities provided by the Bismillah housing program. But for the ease of buyers and investors, we are again recruiting those facilities and amenities which are facilitated by the Bismillah housing scheme.

  1. Ecological
  2. great mosque
  3. Pure water resources
  4. Graveyard
  5. Community centers
  6. Parks
  7. Health/hospitals
  8. Schools
  9. Security
  10. Quality road infrastructure
  11. club house
  12. Sewage and Waste Disposal System
  13. Gas
  14. Enclosure wall
  15. Maintenance
  16. Underground electrification
  17. Indoor and outdoor sports complex

Bismillah Housing Program Phase 2 Contact Number

The reservation is based on a 40% deposit and must be paid within 6 months, then the possession is available after 6 months. This agreement is based on the principle of first come, first served.

Address: Bismillah Housing Company GT main road near Manawan Lahore 64-A، N-5, opp. Bata Factory, Attoke Awan, Lahore, Punjab 54000