Pakistan Navy PN Cadet for Permanent Commission 2020

Join the Pakistan Navy as a PN Cadet till PNCT 2022-B

Join the Pakistan Navy as a cadet till term 2022-B. For more details and to register, visit Pakistan Navy Recruitment Online. The right job for the right person

Pak Navy Latest advertisement.

• Unmarried male citizens of Pakistan
• Age on July 1, 2022
• Civilian candidates: 1614-21 years old
• Candidates for service: 17 to 23 years old (armed forces only)
• Height: S’4″ (minimum)
Candidates must have passed both Matric and F.Sc or O/A-Level with at least 60%
Brands. In addition, applicants must hold an F.Sc/A-Level degree with one of the following subjects:
• Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry.
• Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science.
• Physics, Mathematics and Statistics.
• A-Level candidates must submit an equivalence certificate.
• Candidates appearing in the F.Sc part-ll with at least 60% marks in part-1 can also apply. However, they must provide a certificate of hope.
10% flexibility in F.Sc/A-Level grades, i.e. 50% for Baloch candidates instead of 60% applicable for others.
Pak Navy Online Registration for PN Cadet for Standing Commission 2022-A:
Applicants can apply by visiting the Pakistan Navy website from 20 May to 03 June 2021.
To note:
1. Applications sent directly to the Recruiting Branch at Navy Headquarters will not be accepted.
2. Applicants registered online should bring a postal order of Rs. 200/- (crossed in the name of NHQ Islamabad Recruitment Manager) or cash instead of postal order on the day of the entrance test.
• Entrance test: June 2022.
• Intelligence test: 30 minutes
• Academic test (English, mathematics, physics and general knowledge) 80 minutes
• Entrance test results can be checked from the respective PNR and SC or by visiting the PN website:
• Medical examination/preliminary interview: application forms will be issued to candidates who qualify for the entrance test. A preliminary medical examination and interview will be conducted at the respective PNR and SC.
Note: Candidates are advised to have their ears and teeth cleaned by a specialist doctor.
• Tests / Interview at the ISSB.
• Medical examination of candidates recommended by the ISSB at the nearest CMH/Naval hospital.
• Final selection by Navy Headquarters based on merit.
Granting of a permanent commission after two years of training.
The following diplomas are issued at the end of the basic training:
Operations branch: BS (MIS)
Weapons engineering branch: BE (electronics)
Marine engineering branch: BE (mechanical)
Supply Branch: BS (Supply Chain Management)
Note: Subject to suitability and academic progress, selected officers may be sent overseas for a master’s and doctoral degree.

Free medical treatment of self/family and parents.
• Family housing or housing allowance and allowance or servant’s allowance after marriage.
• Possibilities of stays/courses/missions abroad.
• 50% discount for self/family on air/rail travel.
• Subsidized education of children in Bahria colleges/universities and professional institutions.
• Twice rejected by GHQ/NHQ/AHQ/ISSB Selection Committee OR once rejected by ISSB and once rejected by GHQ/NHQ/AHQ Selection Committee.
• Withdrawn from any armed forces training academy/institution for any reason.
• Removed from any Armed Forces college/institution on bail for disciplinary reasons.
• Tested for a validity period of one year (because the validity of ISSB/GHQ/AHQ selection boards is one year).
• Tested within four months (120 days) of the last appearance of the ISSB (for applicants rejected by the ISSB).
• Dismissed/retired from public service, including the armed forces.
• Convicted by a court of an offense involving moral turpitude.
• Declared medically unfit by an armed forces medical appeal board.
• Declared unfit by the Armed Forces Hospital, except those authorized by the Medical Appeal Board.
• Submit falsified original academic certificates.
• Concealment of information in the application form.


FOR QUESTIONS: Visit the nearest Pakistan Navy Recruitment and Selection Center / Advanced Recruitment Centers.
Abbottabad: House No. 849/1-B, Jubpul, near Mansehra Road, Abbottabad.
Phone: 0992-362854 (PTCL), Email: [email protected]
DIKhan: 25-A Shami Road. DIKhan.
Phone: 0966-9280467-8 (PTCL), Email: [email protected]
Faisalabad: op. Commissioner’s Office, New Civil Lines, Bahria Road, Faisalabad.
Phone: 041-9200674 (PTCL), Email: [email protected]
Karachi: 7-Liaquat Barracks, Rafiqui Shaheed Road, near Lucky Star, Karachi.
Telephone: 021-48506702 (PTCL). Email: [email protected]
Lahore: 92-Shami Road, near Fortress Stadium, Lahore Cantt.
Phone: 042-66961410.9220629 (PTCL) Email: [email protected]
Multan: 217-Sher Shah Road, Multan Cantt. Telephone: 061-9201184 (PTCL)
Email: [email protected]
Peshawar: Warsak Road, Peshawar Cantt.
Phone: 091-9212316 (PTCL), Email: [email protected]
Quetta: 414 Zarghoon Road. Opposite Serena Hotel, Quetta Cantt.
Telephone: 081-9201249 (PTCL). Email: [email protected]
Rawalpindi: House No. 102, Street No. 1. Fazal Town, Airport Road, Rawalpindi.
Telephone: 051-5953060 (PTCL). Email: [email protected]
Swat: Wadoodiya Hall Road. College Colony. Saidu Sharif, Swat district.
Telephone: 0946-723479 (PTCL). Email: [email protected]
Shahid Benazirabad:
Former Institute of Technical Education. Close to Quaid-e-Awam University. Soukrand
Road. Shahid Benazirabad. (Nawabshah). Telephone: 0244-9370123 (PTCL),
Email: [email protected]
Sukkur: near the army public school. Bukkur Island. Sukkur
Phone: 071-5620042 (PTCL), Email: [email protected]
Gwadar: At the marine complex. Gwadar Port Authority (GPA). Gwadar.
Telephone: 086-4211874-5 (PTCL). Email: [email protected]
Sialkot Advanced Recruitment Center:
(Only for information) Former residence of the genius of Distt.
Khayaban-e-Iqbal, Opp Services Club. Sialkot Cantt.
Phone: 052-4267639 (PTCL), Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 052-4267639 (PTCL)

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