The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has launched the ETC HEC 2022 online registration for different competitions. HEC invites new candidates for the ETC HEC 2022 online registration. For candidates who are going to attempt the HEC LAT, HEC GAT or another competitive exam, HEC has launched the online registration for the HEC LAT test. Law Admissions Test for Admission to 4-year LLB Programs Registration details are available here. To summarize! In today’s Post, I will discuss the complete ETC HEC registration procedure here. Let’s start!


ETC HEC Online registration 2022 2023 August

The Higher Education Commission of the Pakistan organization has established a testing council named Education Testing Council (ETC). It has been specially designed for entrance admission into public and private universities in Pakistan. Some common names for this entrance test are USAT, LAT, GAT, and HAT. It should be noted that the LAT test will be organized on August 21, 2022. Thereafter, the LAT entrance test is compulsory to guarantee admission to the 05-year-old LLB program. Login

It is also essential to pass with at least 50% marks for admission to HEC-affiliated universities/colleges and institutions. Interested candidates will complete their HEC LAT cataloging in August 2022 until the last date. Candidates who have completed their courses as Intermediate Part 2, for example, are eligible to apply online for the Education Testing Council. ETC HEC 2022 Online Registration

The Higher Education Commission is ready to organize the LAT Law Admission Test for interested applicants. Along the same lines, the ETC HEC online application process is also open for USAT Batch-II until September 9. That is, Education Testing Council ETC is a platform where applicants submit an application for an entrance test. In short, HEC has opened its portal until September 9, 2022 for the 2nd Batch for Undergraduate Studies Admission Test (USAT).

ETC HEC 2022 online registration portal

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has started online registration for the HEC LAT test to be held on August 21, 2022. HEC LAT registration 2022 is already underway, HEC LAT entrance test is compulsory for the admission to the 5-year LLB programme. Applicants must pass the HEC LAT test with 50% marks to be admitted to HEC-affiliated universities/colleges and other institutions.

ETC HEC Online Registration 2022 |

HEC Conduct Law admission tests four times a year. The HEC LAT registration session for August 2022 is made public. Anyone wishing to become a lawyer must be admitted to the 05-year LLB program. The Supreme Court of Pakistan recently declared that the HEC Law Admission Test is compulsory for every law student. for online registration 2022 Last date

As instructed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the Higher Education Commission has started the online registration for the 2022 LAT. The registration for the LAT online portal is open for the entrance test which will be held on August 21 2022. HEC LAT Exam Fee is 1000 Rupees which should be deposited in HEC Bank Account No. 17427900133401.


Online HEC USAT Test Registration

Learn more about the ETC HEC 2022 online registration for the HEC LAW GAT and LAT USAT scholarships, as well as another test to help recruit. HEC Law Admission Test Roll 2022 Roll Borders required for LLB Years programs can be downloaded through ETC HEC’s ETC HEC account or from this page.

Law Admission Test LAT Registration 2022

A registration card will be distributed to all candidates who have been admitted to the 5-year program of the HEC Law LAT 2022 LLB Admission Test, but who have not received your registration card. Students wishing to be admitted to this 5-year LLB program will be permitted to take the Law Admissions Test. This test is administered by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) which is currently in the process of issuing the attendance slips for the number of students in the near future.

Apply online Registration HEC LAT 2022

Download your ETC admission card for LAT from this page and from the official ETC website. ETC. You can view the ETC 2022 results here by entering the roll numbers. If you are one of those looking for the ETC HEC 2022 Registration Form, you have come to exactly the right place. You can get online registration after successfully completing grade 12 education. The deadline for online registration will be fixed.

ETC HEC LAT Registration 2022 Last date to apply

Be sure to check with us regularly for the latest details regarding the HEC The LAT Matriculation Number Slip for 2022. Check this site regularly to be updated regarding the ETC HEC registration date, test dates for ETC HEC roll number slips along with the date and time of the rollover number slips test, along with the answer key and ETC results for 2022.

LAT LLB Admission Test 2022 Apply Online

According to the official announcements, the organization has announced that the ETC LAT test will be held on January 30, 2022. A login is required with this site to register for the Education Testing Council Pakistan. If you would like to receive a LAT LLB test roll number slip before the deadline, it is essential that you log into the site regularly.

2022 HEC LAT Test Schedule

Now enter your details below. CNIC/Passport *. Password. HEC announces the date of the LAT tests twice in a year. LAT results are applicable for up to 2 years. The test is valid for two years. passing the test will be eligible for admission to law school within the next two years. We have provided the LAT and HAT test programs along with past papers, sample paper models, and sample papers.

Online registration HEC 2022 test

Are you coming here for ETC HEC 2022 online registration? Good! Follow the steps below for registration. Also, you can check what are the requirements for ETC registration. Certainly, for any entrance test or any competition organized by the HEC Higher Education Commission, candidates will register on the ETC HEC portal. Requirements for ETC HEC 2022 Registration! Personal details, Challan form processing, let’s check the complete process!

ETC HEC online registration process

For ETC HEC Online registration! The applicant will follow the instructions below! Go to There are two parts to complete the HEC online registration.

  1. Complete my profile (email, phone number and academic record)
  2. Application submission for (LAT, USAT or other test)

Download the Challan form and download the HEC ETC portal.