Expected Revised Pay Scale Chart 2022

I’ve ready the Anticipated Revised Pay Scale Chart 2022 for the workers of Pakistan. Federal Authorities has just lately introduced in Price range 2022-23 that Authorities will merge the Adhoc aid allowances into fundamental pay.  There was a distinct wage improve in Price range 2022-23 information and at last, Authorities introduced the Price range 2022-23. Based on Price range Speech 2022-23, Pakistan Authorities has introduced a 15% improve in Wage in addition to the merging of Adhoc Allowances. On the fundamental of Adhoc allowances, the anticipated pay scales chat for 2022 is as underneath:


 Anticipated Revised Pay Scale Chart 2022 (By Merging 5 Adhoc Aid Allowances)


If the Authorities merges the next Adhoc aid allowances then the fundamental pay of the workers almost will increase to 1.Four instances:


  1. Adhoc Aid Allowance 2016 @ 10% of the Pay Scales 2016
  2. Adhoc Aid Allowance 2017 @ 10% of the Pay Scales 2017
  3. ARA 2018 (Adhoc Aid Allowance 2018 @ 10% of the Pay Scales 2017
  4. ARA 2019 (Adhoc Aid Allowance 2019 @ 10% of the Pay Scales 2017)
    1. 5% BPS-17 to BPS-19)
    2. 10% BPS-01 to BPS-16
  5. Adhoc Aid Allowance 2021 @ 10% of the Pay Scales 2017


Finance Division froze ARA-2016 whereas issuing the Notification of Revised Pay Scales 2017 for workers. All different Adhoc allowances are on the present or working fundamental pay.


How I created this Chart of Primary Pay Scales 2022


I used right here the easy technique to organize this chart. The bottom of this chart is the preliminary fundamental pay of a selected pay scale in addition to the earlier annual increment charge.

The preliminary fundamental pay of BPS-01 for the pay scales 2017 is 9130. Simply add in it Four ad-hoc aid allowances 9130 (10% of the preliminary fundamental pay). After that the preliminary of Revised Pay Scales 2016 for BPS-01 is 7640/- Simply took 10% of it and added it to the preliminary of BPS-17. It will get the brand new fundamental pay as underneath:


BPS-01 Staff


9130 + (9130 x 10/100) x 4 + 7640 x 10/100

= 9130 +3652 + 764



BPS-17 Staff


30370 + (30370 x 10/100) x 3 + (30370 x 5/100) + 25440 x 10/100

= 30370 +9111 + 1519 +2544



BPS-20 Worker


69090 + (69090x 10/100) x 3 + 57410 x 10/100

= 69090+20727+5741



Short-term Phases


The levels I created should not within the spherical determine. These levels are the precise quantity bought by means of the calculation. The Finance Division will create its personal pay scales chart through which the Finance Division will create a stage in spherical figures.


Annual Increment Charges


Annual Increment charges, I additionally bought by taking 10% / 5% and including it into fundamental pay. In the identical means 10% of the annual increment as per the revised pay scales 2016 chart I additionally added in it. Because the ARA 2016 will not be on the working fundamental pay.


Obtain Anticipated Primary Pay Scales 2022 Chart


On the premise of 5 (05) Adhoc Aid Allowances, the anticipated revised fundamental pay scales chart 2022 is as underneath:


Obtain Primary Pay Scales 2022 Anticipated Chart



Basic Expected Revised Pay Scale Chart 2022


Preliminary Stage, Final Stage, and Annual Increment (Anticipated)

The Preliminary Stage, Final Stage, and Annual Increment stands out as the similar as underneath or there could also be some distinction. These are simply tough calculations. Precise place, the Finance Division will clear within the Notification of Improve in Wage and Primary Pay Scales 2022.



Initial Stage, Last Stage and Annual Increment (Expected)