Grade 1 – 21 Basic Pay Scale Revised 2022 with Chart Budget 2022-23. Upcoming latest update about the revision of pay scales in 2022 has been acknowledged and also all the allowances like house rent, transport, and medical allowances may be increased for government employees now in the last week of dated Thursday, 02nd June 2022 the Federal Budget 2022-23. Remember Budget 22 is announced by the Government in the month of June.

Finance Division Islamabad Revised Pay Scale 2022

Now, we will come to the category of MP-II and this aspect is also linked to the section of Finance Division Islamabad Basic Pay Scale Revised 2022 with Chart Budget 2022-23. For MP-II officers, their basic pay on a minimum note is Rs 110000, Rs 176000 is their maximum pay and increment amount for these officers is Rs 16500. Their revised house rent amount is now Rs 66000, maximum house rent figure given to these officers, it is Rs 110000. These MP-II scale officers utilities amount is now come out to be Rs 5500 and its maximum range is Rs 8800.

MP Scale Salary Pakistan
Basic Pay Scale Revised 2022 with Chart Budget 2022-23

Moving to MP-III officers, minimum range and amount of their basic pay is Rs 77000. The maximum range of their monthly Basic Pay Scale Revised 2022 with Chart Budget 2022-23 is now official come out to be Rs 110000. These officers will now get the increment up to Rs 11000. These specific grade officers minimum house rent allowance amount is now currently Rs 33000. On the other hand, the maximum house rent allowance amount and figure is Rs 44000. Lastly, their utilities allowance revised amount is in between Rs 3850 – Rs 5500. Stay tuned with us and further information on Finance Division Islamabad Revised Pay Scale 2022 will be shared.

Revised Standard Pay Package 2022 for Project Staff funded from PSDF


The undersigned is directed to refer to this Division’s O.M.No.F.4(9)R-14/2008 dated 19-09-2017 on the above subject and to convey the approval of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council in case No.ECNEC-5/02/2022 dated 16-03-2022 to the revision of Project Basic Pay Scale Revised 2022 with Chart Budget 2022-23, after in-principal approval by the Prime Minister, meant for officers/staff directly recruitment from open market on a contract basis for the execution of Development Projects funded from PSDP. The Revised Pay Scales are, as follows:-

Revised Pay Scales Chart 2022

Project Pay Scale (PPS) Regular BPS Minimum (Rs.) Increment @ 5% of the Minimum  Maximum (Rs.)
PPS-1 BPS 1-4 28,000 1400 44,800
PPS-2 BPS  5-8 35,000 1750 57,750
PPS-3 BPS 9-10 43,750 2190 70,030
PPS-4 BPS 11-13 52,500 2625 48,000
PPS-5 BPS 14-15 70,000 3500 112,000
PPS-6 BPS 16 105,000 5250 168,000
PPS-7 BPS 17 157,500 7875 252,000
PPS-8 BPS 18 218,750 10940 350,030
PPS-9 BPS 19 306,250 15315 490,030
PPS-10 BPS 20 437,500 21875 700,000
PPS-11 BPS 21 612,500 30625 98,000
PPS-12 BPS 22 875,000 43750 1400,000
Basic Pay Scale Revised 2022 with Chart Budget 2022-23

Basic Pay Scale Revised 2022 with Chart Budget 2022-23

The aforesaid pay package will be effective from 01-04-2022 for the new as well as the ongoing PSDP Projects and shall be admissible subject to the following conditions:-

T&Cs Basic Pay Scale Revised 2022 with Chart

i) This pay package will be followed for the appointments of officers/staff including project Directors, advisors: Specialists; Consultants, etc. in the PSDP-funded development projects as reflected in the PC-I/PC-II, duly approved by the competent forum. Based on the sensitivity and size of the project, the CDWP shall decide on whether the project Director is to be placed in PPS-10 or PPS-11, or PPS-12.

ii) The above lump sum pay package will be admissible for fresh/direct/existing employees of PSDP Projects. However, the pay of the fresh/direct employees shall be fixed at the initial stage, and thereafter an annual increase @ 5% of the initial stage would be admissible.

iii) The pay of the existing PSPD-funded projects shall be fixed to the next higher stage of the revised stage of the above pay package.

Salary & Pension Increase in Budget 2022-23: The Finance Minister Miftah Ismail has announces 15% Salary Increase in the Government employees salaries including merging of adhoc relief allowances and also increase 5% pension in the Budget 2022-23 speech. If you want to read complete details about the salary pension conveyance allowance and new pay scales 2022 in the Budget 2022-23 then open the below given link.   [ New ]

Salary & Pension Increase in Budget 2022-23

Basic Pay Scale Revised 2022 with Chart Budget 2022-23

Suggestion of 5% Adhoc Relief Allowance in Salary and Pension in Budget 2022-23: In the Federal Budget 2022-23, only 5% salary and pension increase for Government employees and pensioners. The inflation is already increase upto 20.4% and 5% increase is not a good solution if the Government want to control the upcoming inflation ratio.

Suggestion of 5% Adhoc Relief Allowance in Salary and Pension in Budget 2022-23
Basic Pay Scale Revised 2022 with Chart Budget 2022-23

Proposal of Tax on Salaried Persons in Budget: IMF is Demanding 30% tax on salaried person earning between Rs.104,000/- to Rs.1 million per month. It means people, who are earning Rs 104,000/- would earn Rs. 70,000/- per month after 22-06-22. If Budget Approved this proposal. Currently 30% tax is charged from those who are earning 41 Lac per monthly. IMF is also demanding 20% tax on salaried person earning below to 104,000.  [ New ]

Salary Increase of Islamabad Police: The decision of the government of Pakistan to increase the salaries of Islamabad police and make them equal to Punjab police has created a wave of happiness among the officers and men of Islamabad police. The officers and youth of Islamabad Police thanked the Federal Minister for Home Affairs and the Prime Minister of Pakistan for this decision.  [ New ]

Demand of Class-4 Employees: Class-4 employees demand of Pay Scale upgradation upto BPS-07 and salary increase upto 100% in the upcoming Budget 2022-23. [ New ]

Demand of Class-4 EmployeesBasic Pay Scale Revised 2022 with Chart Budget 2022-23

Demand of Punjab Teachers Union: The Punjab Teachers Union has demanded of salary increase upto 30% in the Budget 2022-23 because now a days, dollar to PKR price is 200 that is why Government employees salaries decreases upto 20%. The Government has also increase the Petrol prices and the new petrol price is Rs. 180.  [ New ]

Demand of Punjab Teachers Union

Basic Pay Scale Revised 2022 with Chart Budget 2022-23

The new Prime Minister of Pakistan has increased the Salary and Pension @ 10% for all the Government employees in Pakistan. PM Pakistan has also increase the minimum wages in Pakistan.

As we knows that the Federal Government of Pakistan has issued the official notification regarding 15% Disparity Allowance 2022 for the employees working under Federal Govt and also given instructions to increase in the salaries of Provincial employees. In the coming Budget 2022-23, there is a possibility to increase 10% Adhoc relief allowance and also expected to increase basic pay after merging previous adhoc relief allowances. The Pay and Pension Committee has also accepted the Minute of AGEGA Demands / Proposals in Government employees salary.

If it happens that PM Pakistan Imran khan asks the demands of Govt job holders than how much we want to get increase of Basic Pay Scale Revised 2022 with Chart Budget 2022-23 in the upcoming budget. We know everyone is facing a crises of “Stay Home” and “Stay Safe” because of speedily increasing the coronavirus. In such condition, Imran khan has recently imposed 14 days more lockdown in Pakistan upto 30-4-2020.