Online Registration HEC USAT 2022 Undergraduate Admission – The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has started USAT registration. USAT stands for Undergraduate Studies Test which is patricidal before admission into BS programs. In Pakistan, HEC is taking the USAT for the first time from all applicants for undergraduate admission. HEC USAT 2022 online registration is open until August 12, 2022. If you want to be admitted to the BS programs, hurry and register now. HEC has decided on the dates for carrying out the tests and the provisional schedule is in accordance with the announcement. Go to the official HEC website and read the USAT 2022 announcement.


HEC USAT Online Registration 2022 Undergraduate Studies Test

The USAT admissions test will take place on August 12, 2022, tentatively scheduled by the Higher Education Commission and the Education Testing Council. Do you know that applicants accepted in any institution in Pakistan must be able to pass this test? USAT Test 2022 without passing the Academic Aptitude Test, applicants are not eligible to apply for admission. The last day for HEC USATT 2022 online registration is August 12, 2022, and the USAT test will be held in August 2022 as soon as possible. HEC Bachelor Studies Admission Test USAT 2022.

HEC USAT Admission Test Online Registration 2022

Registration for the online test in 2022 is now open. Students who have passed the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) or equivalent/Grade 12 examinations have taken the final examination and are awaiting the results. Which USAT versions should you apply for based on academic streams? The test will take place in the following categories which are based on academic streams.

USAT Admission Apply Online 2022

Students must be registered in accordance with the courses concerned. There will be no change in the admissions process for universities. All universities will announce the admission of undergraduate students at regular intervals. However, students must be required to submit an HEC USAT certificate to the University in order to be included on their merit lists.


Who can apply for USAT?

HEC is a higher education regulatory authority which is a government body. To work in Pakistan, all universities must follow the rules and regulations of HEC. Below, we rank the students eligible for USAT.

  • All applicants for admission to the BS will be required to pass the USAT
  • Students who have passed matriculation can apply for USAT
  • Students awaiting SSC Part II result are also eligible to apply for USAT
  • HEC USAT paper pattern

The paper is divided into two parts. We detail them here one by one. Write down the USAT test syllabus. To register for the HEC Undergraduate Studies Test USAT, you must click on the button below.

Apply online here

Register for the HEC undergraduate test

To register, please click on the link Create your personal account and complete the request form with the requested information. Provide a valid password and email address. Download the contest of the bank etc. Pay the USAT fee which is 1200 PKR and none is refundable. You can pay USAT RS 1200/- at any HBL bank branch under the higher education commission account title. Write down the Habib Bank Limited account number. 1742 7900 1334 01.


Part I & Part 2 Details
Total time allowed 140 Mints
Quantitative reasoning 40
Test results 75
Easy writing 400 to 500 English words i.e. Urdu 25 25
Verbal reasoning 35
Allowed time for easy writing 40 mints

How to Apply for USAT 2022

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has designed a body to conduct testing. Educational Testing Council (ETC) will conduct the USAT for undergraduates. It is now a compulsory and pre-requisite test for admission to all BS disciplines. Applicants who pass HEC USAT will receive preference for undergraduate admission to any university in Pakistan. Its HEC USAT program includes intermediate level subjects.

HEC USAT Online Registration for ADA ADS Admission

BS Engineering, BS Applied Sciences, Life Sciences, BS Health and Physical Education, BS Social Sciences, and beyond. All students who have completed the intermediate exam are able to prepare easily according to the pattern for the USAT 2022 HEC test. The USAT 2022 test paper consists of 100 points.

HEC USAT online registration 2022

Both HEC and ETC are going to conduct the UAST test in 2022. The test centers are all major cities in Pakistan. The tests will take place simultaneously. Soon, will put USAT registration cards online. The provisional date for taking the tests is August 12, 2022. HEC has now simplified the task for students. Students can now choose their own USAT entrance test for 2022.

HEC Graduate Studies Admission Test 2022

Candidates can apply online via the official HEC website. HEC. The test will be carried out in a correct manner according to law and regulations due to the coronavirus. The numerous test fees are received through the easy paisa Jazz Cash mobile account, etc. Applicants should also complete an online application using the method mentioned on the official website. The deadline for the USAT written test is August 30, 2022.