How To Pay E-Challan Online JazzCash EasyPaisa Pakistan

The Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA), in collaboration with the City Traffic Police (CTP), has introduced the E-Challan system in Lahore under the direction of the Lahore High Court (LHC). E-challan is an electronic traffic violation ticket system that is welcomed by many of the city’s citizens.

The new system identifies traffic law violations using advanced Automatic License Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras installed by PSCA on various streets in the city.

The e-Challan is sent to the address of the offenders registered with the vehicle ID, which contains the information about the violation of the traffic rules by the driver as well as the photo of the vehicle attached to the Challan paper.

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How To Pay E-Challan Online JazzCash EasyPaisa Pakistan

But the biggest problem for people is that many offenders do not know they have been fined. Either they were registered from their previous place of residence against their vehicle ID and have not officially converted it into documents, or they have not received the e-Challan at their place of residence for technical reasons. So, if you’re not sure if you’ve broken the rules or have OCD, we’ve shared instructions on how to review and pay for your e-challan.

How to check e-challan online in Pakistan

Visit the PSCA website to check the status of your traffic violation online.
After opening the PSCA website you will see two blocks, one for your vehicle number and one for your CNIC.
You may or may not be fined for providing details of your vehicle registration and CNIC number. You can also print out the e-Challan document.

How to pay for your e-challan in Pakistan

You can pay for your e-challan in two ways.

The first is to pay your challan manually by downloading and printing the e-challan document from the PSCA website and depositing it with the National Bank of Punjab (NBP) along with the required amount.
Another option is to pay for your challan through NBP ATMs.
PSCA is also working on developing a mobile app that will allow you to review and pay for your e-challan without leaving your home.

The Electronic Ticketing Center (ETC) of the Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) has issued over 75,000 e-challans since electronic challans began on September 23. Those 75,000 e-bills have resulted in PKR 7 million being added to the Treasury. until now.

You have 10 days from receipt of the invoice to make the payment. If you don’t pay the challan within 10 days, the police may force you to confiscate your vehicle until all fees and fines are paid.


How To Pay E-Challan JazzCash EasyPaisa in Pakistan Online

With the new digital payment service, you can now use the ePay Punjab app to generate a traffic bill with a unique payment slip identification number (PSID) by using your vehicle’s license plate to pay for the traffic bill online.

Then enter the PSID in the online banking of any bank and pay for the challan from the comfort of your home.

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