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It’s hard to imagine three random words having the power to both map the globe and secure your private data. The secret behind this power is just a bit of math. Here’s how three random words in English or any other language can identify such precise locations all over the planet. The key concept is that of ordered triples.

We found that time spent in school left public school learners in South Africa about a year behind previous cohorts. Since we measured learning losses in rich and poor schools and at three levels of primary and secondary schools, we can generalize with some confidence to the whole country and at all levels.

The findings are important to everyone interested in education, from government officials to teachers and parents. These tests were conducted in both math and language, which form the basis of learning in most other subjects, in school and beyond.

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As expected, learning losses were on average lower in schools serving wealthier communities. But even students in these affluent schools lost about two-thirds of a school year. The Western Cape has a higher proportion of affluent public schools than other provinces. There are more learners in the Western Cape attending well-equipped schools and with higher levels of parental education compared to other provinces. Thus, learning losses may be even greater in poorer provinces.

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