Reham Khan Book Page 273 Urdu PDF Download available at preparation point page. The PTI leader’s ex-wife has written a book Reham Khan about Imran Khan’s lifestyle and his experiences with IK. It is not possible for us to present the translation of the entire book because it is not a family book.

We received a lot of requests for publication Reham Khan urdu translation bookbut we haven’t had so much free time and we don’t like to publish such an Urdu translation of such a bold book, because we only run an informative and educational website and we cannot share any material harmful to students.

Reham Khan Book Page 273 Urdu PDF Download

Reham Khan Book Page 273 Urdu PDF Download

Yes, it is also a fact that students also have the right to see the true face of their leaders, but so far we wanted to avoid this subject. Then today suddenly I see the Urdu translation of Reham Khan Book of some paragraphs in an Urdu daily. Now I think we can reproduce it with special thanks to the daily nai baat. No part of Reham Khan’s book has been translated by We are just going to share the translation of daily nai baat Lahore. We don’t have to agree with the contents of Reham Khan’s book, Reham Khan.

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My Feudal Lord was the first autobiography by a Pakistani woman in which she denounced a Pakistani politician. Tehmina Durrani was the author of My Feudal Lord. She was the wife of former CM, Governor of Punjab and Federal Minister Ghulam Muustafa Khar. But Reham Khan’s book is far too bold. No TV channel or newspaper is ready to share its content. Just daily, Nai Baat tried to translate her selected parts into Urdu language.

Famous journalist Javeed Ch of the Daily Express publishes the Urdu translation of the bold parts of Reham Khan’s book. She was Madir e Millat by Hasan Nisar a few months ago, but now she’s a devil. In fact history will soon decide who was right Imran Khan or Reham Khan. Now read Reham Khan Book Page 273 Urdu PDF Download Translation.